Feature Designer


We’re looking for multi-skilled Designers who want to focus on specific features within a game.
Whatever your passion in Design; whether it’s game mechanics, AI behaviour or UI, as a Feature Designer you’ll work with the Game Director to design the feature(s) for the projects you work on from then drive their development from paper to gold.

To do this, you’ll own and lead features with a multi-discipline team. You will be capable of effectively communicating the Game Director’s vision. Collaboratively working with the team with technical limitations. You’ll also be able to manage and implement cycles of testing, feedback investigation and balancing to guarantee the best possible user experience.


Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • • Work with the Game Director to establish designs for core features of the project, then drive their development until the game is released
  • • Generate accurate asset requests and time estimates for your work
  • • Lead and work closely with Artists, Audio Engineers, Coders & Designers and anyone else who is involved in the implementation of your features
  • • Frequently liaise with the Game Director and the Art & Code department to make sure that features meet the creative and technical needs of the project
  • • Create briefs and comprehensive documents for your features, to be given to and presented to others on the team
  • • Data analysis, entry and balancing for your features, where required
  • • Researching and analysing similar features within existing titles
  • • Presenting work and ideas to leads, departments, development teams and external parties

Key Skills & Experience

  • • Experience: 5+ years’ experience as a Level Designer or 3+ years’ experience in an equivalent Design role
  • • Skills: Experience with the area you are seeking to specialise in
  • • Knowledge: Deep & demonstrable understanding of the area you wish to be involved in
  • • Communication: Be capable communicating your ideas to others, whether it’s through presenting those ideas to external groups or passing on documentation for review.


  • • Experience in a similar role at another development studio
  • • Experience with an iterative game development process
  • • A portfolio piece that shows functioning work similar
  • • Experience with either Unity or Unreal Engine 4

Salary & Contract

  • • Day rate dependent on experience.
  • • 3 - 6 months contract
  • • Location - Farnborough, Hampshire, UK
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