Freelance Animator (In-house)


This is an amazing opportunity for an experienced Animator to join us here at nDreams to help evolve the perception of character animation and general motion within VR. The role is for a 3 month contract.

Focusing exclusively on the VR platforms, we are at the frontier of new hardware and innovative methods of implementation. A new and increased sense of depth allows for creative and innovative ways to ramp up the perception animation, bringing emersion and motion to the forefront of VR. We are looking for someone that sees the potential in VR and to apply themselves to the studios goal of trail blazing fresh, creative and immersive uses of every discipline, to converge on truly innovative games and experiences.

As an animator, you’ll be responsible for both the artistry of your animation as much as its perception in an all-encompassing VR space. We value the power of animation and the impact it can have when gelling a cohesive and innovative sense of style and presentation. If you are as passionate about quality animation, pushing creativity and immersion to new levels in VR, then we’d love to hear from you.



Key Objectives

This opportunity affords an amount of autonomy across multiple platforms and as such requires a self-driven motivational quality. Working alongside multiple development teams whilst following direction via the Art Director.

Strong communicative skills, both visually and verbally plus a keen technical aptitude towards new software and Real-time animation are key. The animator will be heavily involved in several areas: -

  • • Concepting or Visualising animation direction, based off known reference materials.
  • • Having a stake in the early development of animation styles to ensure both visual quality as much as technical compliance or relevance to both the game and hardware.
  • • Help push the legibility as well as stylistic qualities within each animation set.
  • • Work extremely closely with the Lead Animator and Lead Character Artist to assist and see through the creation various characters or animation set pieces.
  • • Help define motion planning and the implementation process of various characters and their respective responsiveness.
  • • Work alongside design team members to evaluate, iterate and resolve design, behavioural or responsive issues.
  • • Be responsible for the timely delivery of a products animation objectives.



Key Skills

  • • Have a fundamental understanding of animation, timing and weighting.
  • • Be able to work as a part of a team and also on your own initiative.
  • • Show a strong working knowledge of traditional and digital 2D and 3D animation.
  • • Demonstrate a strong technical aptitude and knowledge base for appropriate software and real-time engine use, Maya, UE4, Unity for example.
  • • Have experience with motion planning and the creation of locomotion animation sets.
  • • A basic understanding of rigging and skinning solutions and potential for physics driven or simulated appendages.
  • • Show an understanding and execution on a varied selection of animation styles, from realistic to stylised.
  • • Excellent time management skills with the ability to prioritise their own work schedule.
  • • Able to articulate and receive constructive feedback on their own and peers work.
  • • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • • Consistently strive to maintain or exceed the highest quality standards of the Art Department.


Key Experience

  • • A graduate of a Degree or equivalent qualification within a relevant discipline. Or at least 1 years’ experience in industry.
  • • Real-time engine experience, ideally in both Unreal and or Unity.
  • • Excellent working knowledge of Maya.
  • • Demonstrable 3D real-time animation skills, showing a strong understanding of technical limitations and capabilities.
  • • An aptitude to apply themselves to new technologies and experience of working in a team environment is essential.
  • • Minimum of one published product within the Console, PC, VR or Mobile space.


Salary & Contract

  • • Freelance, in-house contract (3 months, potential to renew)
  • • Rate, dependent on experience
  • • Location - Farnborough, Hampshire, UK.
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