Aim for victory!

2167. Traitors’ Day. Thousands dead, millions under threat, as rebels declare war on the rest of humanity. Elite Gunners across the galaxy activate their Samsung Gear VR headsets, called to duty as the last defence against the rebel threat. Wielding the gun, they fight in a new kind of war, destroying legions of enemy spaceships with devastating artillery and patriotic justice.

Do the right thing. Strap on your Samsung Gear VR and become a Gunner. For gun and for glory!

Controller-Free Virtual Reality
The war of tomorrow, experienced today only on Samsung Gear VR. Aim and shoot the gun simply by looking at the enemy. The future has arrived!

Fire the Gun
Unload a devastating arsenal from your weapon turret, in intense gun battles against deadly fighters and planet-sized cruisers.

Be the Hero
Join the fight as Hel – one tough Gunner holding her own against the tenacious rebel forces. Blast your way across the galaxy and learn what it takes to join the Gunner elite.

Fight the Rebel Horde
Aim for the high score as you take down waves of enemy units in a no holds barred Horde Mode showdown.

Platform Samsung Gear VR
Genre Arcade shooter
Release Date Out now
Rating N/A

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