The Assembly Prize Draw Winners Revealed

If you took part in our EGX Prize Draw, then we have some good news for you in store, as today we reveal who has won the five free copies of our upcoming first-person VR adventure game, The Assembly.

Winners were selected at random by Liz, our independent adjudicator. Liz can be observed drawing names in an indiscriminate fashion quite literally from a hat in the photo below:

IMG 1642 cropped


First up, with a whopping 106 retweets (so they were clearly odds-on favourite to get picked) is Kieran Twids from Sheffield, aka @TwidsGameDev, who is currently studying Game Development at Hillsborough College. Click here to see his winning entry and you can check out his “pretty good” game dev blog through here.

Secondly, with a wholly respectable 8 retweets (many of us here at the studio can only dream of receiving 8 retweets) is Jehane from Glasgow, aka @MsSequoya, who describes herself as a “gamer, photographer, friend, general geeky girl type.” You can see her winning entry here.

Next up, we have James Stone, aka @jistone, from Wiltshire, who describes himself as a designer, letterer, metaller and gamer. Rock on, James! To see James’ entry, for which he received 4 retweets, click here.

In penultimate position is Adam Whitehouse, aka @Adaaaam93, a self-described 21 year old with a passion for music and a love of PC gaming. His entry received four retweets… as well as more than a few chuckles here at the nDreams studio.

Lastly – but by no means leastly – is Sheepzez, aka @sheepzez or even /Sheepzez, who despite receiving no retweets still wins a copy because hey, that’s the luck of the draw! This YouTuber, gamer and student hails from Scotland and you can see his winning entry here.

The Assembly GC Screen 06


We will be contacting our five winners via Twitter to find out their VR platform of choice so that when The Assembly releases early next year, we can deliver them the appropriate key code to download the game.

We’re here for you, virtually

Thank you to everyone who took part in our prize draw and for visiting us at EGX – we can’t wait to do it all again in future! If you have any questions about The Assembly, go ahead and send us a message via The Assembly's Facebook page or tweet us with the hashtag #TheAssemblyVR.

If you’d like to know more, you can also find nDreams on Facebook, pipe up on our forum on Reddit and check out our board on Pinterest for more screenshots.