Come to our talk at The Gadget Show Live

This weekend, we’re heading to the Gadget Show Live and we couldn’t be any more excited. The exhibition, which is taking place at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham (UK), showcases to visitors the latest technology from all different sectors of the market.

As one of the leading virtual reality developers in the UK, naturally they wanted us to focus on VR (rather than, say, Fabs’ latest 3D printing creations. Oh, the things that man can do with resin…).

We’ll be taking to the stage of The Connect Theatre on Saturday, 2nd April, at 2:30pm to share our insights on current state of VR and why we think this tech is going to change everything.

Our Comms Manager, George Kelion (aka the chap writing this blog – hello!), will giving a talk titled ‘VR is Real – why virtual reality is amazing and how it’s going to change your life.’

Gadget Show Live2 

In the session he’ll (I’ll? This is getting confusing…) will explain why VR is amazing, what this new medium allows, and what new advancements we can expect from it in the years ahead. ​

Attendees will be able to learn about everything VR promises to deliver, from a revolution in education and entertainment, to how it will play a part in your everyday life.

Tickets for Gadget Show Live are available to buy here. You can find out about everything that’s on at the event here.

Looking forward to you seeing me there!