Bloody Zombies have arrived on Switch

Bloody Zombies, the award-winning co-op brawler is now available to download on Nintendo Switch. Team up. Bash brains. Anywhere with anyone!


Bloody Zombies is a co-op brawler evolved for Nintendo Switch™ with innovative freeform combat, expansive multiplayer options, and hordes upon hordes of zombies!

Download it today on the Nintendo Store for just £10.99/€13.49/$14.99. A bloody good deal if we say so ourselves.


Here’s a brief survival guide for anyone not well experienced with bashing zombie brains:

Show us your moves

Specials can be performed by holding down the right shoulder button as an alternative to using the directional buttons.

Want to kick an enemy while they’re down? Us too! Use upgraded specials with the ground modifier to attack zombies lying on the ground.

Fighting Tips

Passive abilities (your inner badass) can give you an edge on the ruined streets of London, so choose ones that suit your playstyle.

Dodge zombie attacks to keep your chain going for a higher score. Has the added bonus of avoiding getting bit by becoming invulnerable.

If you’re backed into a corner and can’t dodge an oncoming attack, go all in and attack with a special move.

If an enemy is blocking your attacks, stop hitting them until they lower their guard.

Bring a mate

The apocalypse is a lonely place, so grab your brain bashing friends to team up and combo or grab the undead for your friend to finish off.

Resurrect a fallen friend by giving them one of your lives – this is only possible if you have one or more extra lives.


Team Up. Bash Brains. On Switch. 

We’re here for you, virtually

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