Bloody Zombies is available to buy now!

We are excited to announce that Bloody Zombies is now available to buy worldwide, on PC, PlayStation 4 and all major VR platforms.

Watch the launch trailer here:

What is the game about?

Bloody Zombies is a co-op brawler designed to be played with any combination of TV/monitor and VR players. Fight across the ruins of London using carefully refined Free-Form Combat, taking down a terrifying variety of undead with an expanding special move-set. Created for 1-4 players, Bloody Zombies is also enhanced with VR - using its unique viewpoint to help the team overcome obstacles & discover secrets in the game.

Watch the six things you need to know about Bloody Zombies in our game overview video:

Do I Need a VR Headset to play Bloody Zombies?

If you don't own a VR headset you can still enjoy Bloody Zombies. You will be able to play with a gamepad or you can use a keyboard! 

How does the VR work?

VR and non-VR players each have full access to all content in the game, and core gameplay is the same. Enhancements through VR are purely focused on the unique viewpoint allowed by the device, and encourage collaboration between the VR player and others without excluding access to content to non-VR players.

A good example of this is the secrets in the first level of the game. These are much easier to spot to a VR player, who can look around to find these, however to a team made up of purely non-VR players these secrets would be stumbled upon accidentally, or deciphered through subtle environment hints.

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