Danger Goat now on Windows Mixed Reality

We’ve goat something to tell you! Our VR puzzle platformer Danger Goat is now out on Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.  This is bleatingly good news here at nDreams HQ, as not only can we share the Danger Goat love with more players in virtual reality, but its allowed us to dust off our goat pun manual one more time. Seriously – we’re not even kidding!

KID Screenshot 03

For those not versed in the crazy antics of Danger Goat, the game tasks you with helping lure Danger Goat to safety, using the delicious trail of thistles, through a warren of deadly, udderly ridiculous traps, including shrink rays, missiles and tesla coils.   You can check out the trailer below…


In Danger Goat you use your motion controllers to manipulate the world, knock down monoliths, sabotage traps and create new paths to guide, slide and catapult Danger Goat to safety.  The game is set across 28 colourful, ingenious levels - exploring wild forests, snowy mountains and sunny pastures – on Danger Goat’s quest to escape the agents of Area 51 and hoof it back to his space ship.

KID Screenshot 04

Danger Goat can be downloaded from the Windows Store priced at $5.99 / € 5.49 / £4.99. It is compatible with the whole herd of Window Mixed Reality headsets including those by Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung and HP.

Goat any questions?

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