Perfect – Patch Released Today

Since launching Perfect on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR in December 2016, we’ve been closely monitoring the community’s feedback and working hard to improve the overall quality of the experience. Today we’ve released a patch that will enhance Perfect through optimisation and performance improvements, as well as upgrading several of its features.

Our community’s feedback has been invaluable by providing detailed suggestions on how we can improve Perfect, so we’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to leave feedback!

One of the most requested features from the community was to implement free movement across the locations, as currently you can only experience each environment from three set viewing points. Unfortunately this isn’t something we will be able to achieve in any future updates to Perfect as the title hasn’t been built for free movement. However, it is something we will be considering for future titles, so please keep your suggestions coming!

Perfect Announcement Screen 02 Lights Night

This patch has been released across all platforms, so the update should be applied automatically by default.

Patch contents

  • You can now skip or skim pebbles and stones across the water.
  • Objects thrown into the water will now decelerate as they sink.
  • Additionally, fish will now scatter when you throw an object into the water next to them.
  • If you now throw an object at a sting ray in the water, it will collide with the animal rather than passing through it. (That being said – be kind to the sting rays! They’re very nice.)
  • Naturally-occurring events will now happen sooner and more frequently.
  • We’ve made some general optimisation and small performance improvements.

PlayStation VR

In addition to the above list, players on PS VR will also see the following updates:

  • Loading screens will no longer stutter.
  • Some incorrect terminology has been changed.
  • We have reduced the amount of jittering in controllers due to low tracking performance.
  • The experience now has improved throwing power, so you can throw objects further and at a higher speed.

Perfect Announcement Screen 01 Mountain Day

Spotify playlists

You can relax, unwind and escape in Perfect’s three idyllic locations while listening to Spotify, and we’ve now curated our own playlists for you to enjoy.

These will be released every Thursday, so follow us on Twitter for your weekly #PerfectPlaylist. Check out the first two here: ‘Winter Escape’ and ‘Tropical Escape’.

We’re here for you, virtually

If you have any questions about Perfect, feel free to tweet us via @nDreamsVR with the hashtag #PerfectVR. You can also get involved in discussions on Perfect’s Steam forum. You can find nDreams on Facebook, reach us via our dedicated subreddit, find our videos on YouTube and check out our boards on Pinterest for more screenshots.

Need support?

Please contact to report any issues.