The Assembly now available on Xbox One

The Assembly, our award-winning interactive story, has now launched on Xbox One and also supports non-VR on PlayStation 4.

The Assembly is a first-person, narrative-driven game which was first launched for high-end virtual reality headsets for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

View the launch trailer below.

Welcome to the Assembly

The Assembly is inspired by real-world anxieties and has been created for mature audiences. In a mysterious underground bunker, a collective of scientists, academics and engineers have hidden themselves away from the world. It is here that they are conducting morally dubious experiments and uncovering revelatory new truths outside of the scrutiny of government rule and society’s morals. You’ll explore The Assembly through the perspectives of two characters, newcomer Madeleine Stone and experienced scientist Cal Pearson, and make difficult choices that result in shocking conclusions.

The Assembly Screenshot 01

Xbox One

The Assembly is available to download now on the Xbox Store.


PlayStation 4

The Assembly has been updated in the PlayStation Store to support flatscreen, non-VR play. The Assembly is now one VR-compatible product on the store, so players who buy The Assembly on PS4 will now get a version that supports both PS VR and flatscreen play.

Additionally, if you currently own The Assembly on PlayStation VR, you will receive this update free of charge. This will update automatically as a patch, so you can now play the game in non-VR too.

The Assembly Preview Screenshot 10

Want to get in touch?

You can contact us via email at or through The Assembly's Facebook page. Alternatively, feel free to tweet us via @nDreamsVR.

Need support?

Please contact if you’re having any problems with The Assembly. Please note that replies will be in English during standard working hours.

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