We’re Going to Gamescom 2018!

We're attending Europe’s largest video game show later this month to show off latest titles.

Europe’s biggest video game expo is nearly upon us. Gamescom takes place on the 21st-25th August, as gaming’s biggest companies flock to the Kolnmesse in Cologne, Germany to show off their latest titles for consoles, PC and, of course, virtual reality!

gamescom 01

Will we be there?  We certainly will!  CEO Patrick and our Biz Dev team Steve and Nadine will be in the business area from the 21st-23rd showing our latest games in behind closed doors meetings.

In past years Gamescom has been one of the highlights of the year having allowed us to show the likes of Shooty Fruity, The Assembly and even our first VR prototype SkyDIEving to the industry and gamers.

At Gamescom last year, leading VR influencer Nathie trying to better his score in Shooty Fruity.

gamescom 02

Is that nDreams tech demo SkyDIEving running on an Oculus Dev Kit at Gamescom 2013?  Yes.  Yes, it is!

gamescom 03

If you’re looking for a developer to create incredible VR games and interactive experiences, come and say hello and experience our latest content at Gamescom. Get in touch via enquiries@ndreams.com 

We’ll be tweeting live from the show.  Keep a look out at @nDreamsVR.