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VR: Finding Its Feet - 2018 in review

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In our first blog of 2019 (Happy New Year!), CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh takes a moment to look back at 2018 in the world of VR… More

The Origins Of Shooty Fruity

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12 months on from the launch of Shooty Fruity, VP of Development Tom Gillo reveals the beginnings of the critically acclaimed multi-tasking shooter. More

Harnessing The VR Hive Mind

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Exploring the collective ‘hive mind’ of leading VR experts thoughts about the future of the technology and whether VR will have a ‘hockey stick’ moment... More

Shooty Fruity Explodes into VR Arcades

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Become a grocery store Rambo at your local VR arcade, as Shooty Fruity Arcade launches today! More

Two VR Arcade Titles Announced

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Because revealing just the one isn't enough... Shooty Fruity Arcade and Perfect Balloon Flight both coming soon to VR arcades! More

A Day in the Life Of… Biz Dev

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In our newest ‘A Day in the Life Of’ we speak with Nadine Oehmcke about working here and getting into a Biz Dev role. More

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