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  • Former SEGA CEO joins nDreams board
    Former SEGA CEO joins nDreams board

    nDreams are pleased to announce the addition to their board of Mike Hayes, former CEO of SEGA and Sales & Marketing Director at Nintendo and Codemasters. In his role at SEGA, Mike established the company...

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  • nDreams On The BBC Six O’Clock News
    nDreams On The BBC Six O’Clock News

    It’s certainly been an exciting couple of weeks for those of us who have a huge interest in virtual reality. Last week at GDC Sony unveiled their attempt at a VR headset, Project Morpheus, with...

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  • Thoughts On The Latest Gaming Controversy
    Thoughts On The Latest Gaming Controversy

    Here at nDreams we follow the games press very closely, to see what’s happening, what awesome new games are being announced and of course to see what the latest topic is that is causing mass...

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  • VRFocus.com – New Website Now Live
    VRFocus.com – New Website Now Live

    VRFocus.com is a new independent website, funded by nDreams which is dedicated to VR technology, its use in the world and of course, videogames. It’s a very exciting time for gamers and VR is set...

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  • The nDreams Staff Games Of 2014
    The nDreams Staff Games Of 2014

    2014 is shaping up to be a huge year for gamers.  We are just coming off the back of two new console launches, Valve have started showing off their Steam boxes which promise to bring...

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  • Stakeholder Letter 2013
    Stakeholder Letter 2013

    In the nDreams tradtion, our CEO has written an open letter to all staff, business partners and players of our games, which, amongst other things, announces our first PlayStation 4 game! Click HERE to read...

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  • Aurora hits 13 million!
    Aurora hits 13 million!

    We’re delighted to announce that Aurora, our floating archipelago in PlayStation Home, has now had over 13 million visits from more than 1.3 million unique players. We continue to update Aurora – the most recent...

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  • Keep up to date
    Keep up to date

    If you’d like to know more about nDreams, the games we’re making and look behind-the-scenes, join our mailing list. Keep up to date with the latest nDreams news and behind-the-scenes gossip! Your email:   We...

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About us

Who we are

nDreams is an innovative game developer/publisher specialising in virtual worlds and virtual reality.

We’re based in Farnborough, UK, and are currently focusing on VR, PlayStation Home and mobile gaming.

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Our history

nDreams was founded in September 2006 by former Eidos/SCi Creative Director, Patrick O’Luanaigh.

The first year was spent in a one-man office, with Patrick working on a number of prototypes and demos for games such as ‘Venus Redemption’ and ‘The Commuter Game’.

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Contact us

nDreams Ltd, Trident House, 38-44 Victoria Road,
Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 7PG

Email: enquiries@ndreams.com
Phone: +44 (0)1252-518452
Twitter: @ndreamers


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