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Phantom: Covert Ops Preview Roundup

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Find out what journalists and creators thought after getting hands-on with Phantom on Oculus Rift! More

New Phantom Gameplay Videos

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In our latest gameplay videos, we show off new environments and the play-styles of Phantom: Covert Ops. More

Introducing David Hayter as General Zhurov

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Lead villain’s plan revealed in latest trailer for Phantom: Covert Ops More

Phantom: Covert Ops Releasing June 25th

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Plus all new trailer and more features unveiled! More

nDreams Transition To Home Working

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Full statement on nDreams response to Covid-19 from CEO Patrick O'Luanaigh More

New Phantom: Covert Ops Dev Videos

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In a new video series, nDreams developers unveil new information about Phantom: Covert Ops! More

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