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We are an award-winning VR studio, dedicated to high-end games and experiences. Since 2013, we have launched numerous titles, whilst building a team of over 80 industry pioneers to deliver quality VR content.

Our team’s past experience

Our team has come from the biggest studios from within the video games industry, bringing a wealth of experience in their specialist fields.

Across the team we have worked on many of the world's largest IPs, from leading video game brands to blockbuster entertainment franchises.

Our background


Set to be nDreams' biggest year yet (oh how we wish we could tell you more right now!)... Keep an eye on our socials for all the latest news!


Phantom: Covert Ops, our stealth action title for Oculus Quest and Rift platforms was announced with much fanfare and went on to win the E3 Game Critics Award for VR/AR Game. Phantom has been quoted as one of the most anticipated VR titles for 2020…


Shooty Fruity Arcade released in VR arcades across the globe. Specifically designed for the LBVR market the game studio went on to win Viveport’s Developer Award for best Arcade game.


We launched award-winning multiplayer game Bloody Zombies, and Shooty Fruity, a multi-tasking VR shooter that soon became Metacritic’s highest-rated PlayStation VR shooter.  


The year the home VR headsets released, and we brought two titles to the platforms – TIGA award-winning The Assembly, and escapism experience Perfect that went on to be a top seller.  We also collaborated with Google on their launch for Daydream, releasing Danger Goat, which made unique use of the Daydream’s functionality.


We launched our first commercial titles this year, Gunner and Perfect Beach, on mobile VR platforms.  We also lifted the veil on our first high-end VR title The Assembly, ahead of its launch in 2016.


This was the year VR started for us - Year Zero. The experience of putting on a VR headset made us realise this truly was the future. There was no turning back and we released our first tech demo, SkyDIEving, which remains one of the most downloaded free VR experiences available.


We released our first experience in PlayStation Home, alternate reality game Xi, in 2009 that was played by over 650,000 people. This kicked off a huge part of nDreams’ history as we worked on the social platform. This included Aurora, which received 20 million visits. nDreams became the leading publisher within the space and supported the platform until it closed in 2015.  In addition, we were hard at work making titles with global partners such as Cadbury, Unilever and Vertigo Films. Most notable however was Lewis Hamilton: Secret Life – a collaboration with Reebok that saw over 600,000 people take part.


nDreams started as a one-man team with a ton of exciting ideas. For the beginning of our life it was just our founder, Patrick, in an office making prototypes. That didn’t last long though…

2020 / Phantom: Covert Ops

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2017 / Shooty Fruity


2016 / Perfect

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2016 / The Assembly

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