Gunner demo live for Samsung Gear VR

The Gunner Demo has now gone live and is available for the Samsung Gear VR ahead of the full game launch later in the year.

The Samsung Gear VR is the first mobile virtual reality headset to be released and is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

It is 2167, Traitors Day, and the time for victory is now. Discover what it takes to become a Gunner and support the Earth Council against the rebel threat.

This free demo is the perfect introduction into virtual reality and allow you to learn the ropes in the Gunner training arena; how to expertly wield the gun, pick up new skills and identify your strengths. However this is only the start! Once you have completed your training you’re fired straight into frenetic space combat. Be quick, be bold and do as much damage to the rebel units as you can before the demo comes to an epic climax!

article image gunner demo

Recruitment is open, join the force.

For more details please visit the Gunner website

Gunner Official Demo Trailer

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